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We will be teaching the class ourselves rather than showing the DVD lesson. This will keep your relationship fresh and reignited with communication techniques and ideas to readily apply as soon as you get home. We like to do this at the mid-point to help keep all of us sharp! Saturday,  July 28th.  Please keep in mind that to qualify for FREE MARRIAGE COUNSELING, you both must attend the classes together!

No one may attend this class alone, couples only, due to the structure of the class-both will be working the workbook together during class. No children allowed, including nursing babies-sorry! There will be a $5.00 charge for the mandatory handout per couple, and the class fee which is only $35.00 per couple.

The Saturday classes will go as follows:

***8:30am-9:30am breakfast (optional-included in fee)

***9:30am-4:00pm class, lunch (included in fee), class 

We are no longer having Wednesday information nights. They have been replaced with our group emails prior to the classes. If you want to attend the classes, send us an email stating so here.

If you know of an engaged couple who is looking for a premarital class, please pass this on!

If you want to sharpen up your marriage, learn some new communication techniques and get to know your spouse better than you do right now (regardless of how many decades you have been together!), this is the class for you! 

Call our office at 210-521-8668, email us at starr@marriage101.net , respond by private message on Facebook or text us at 210-381-3682 to RSVP. We hope to see you for this highly useful and entertaining relationship series! Contact us now- don't put it off- you owe it to each other! 


Regardless of the state of our marriages, we all need a recharge occasionally! Come and get it!