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2017 Class To Start October 28, 2017.
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Announcing our October 2017 Monthly class:


Join us for our next information and sign-up night which will be October 25th from 7pm-8:30pm. Then, our monthly, one-day class will be held Saturday, October 28th from 9:15am-4:30pm. The title of our class is " How we Love Sex....or Don't.'' This is the updated, 2017 series. If you sat under a our teaching on this topic and title in the past, know that this is different with more information and teaching!

Of all God's creation, sex has been the most disorted, spoiled and desecrated from God's oiginal design and intent. In fact we are so saturated with the world's view it's difficult to keep God's perspective in mind. 

In this 6-hour DVD workshop, we discuss the five love styles and the common sexual problems each faces. If a couple cannot open up emotionally and spiritually, the sexual relationship will reflect that difficulty. 

A lot of us bare our bodies in a sexual encounter without ever having exposed much of our soul. We attempt to enjoy physical intimacy while struggling emotional intimacy. In many cases, we don't even know how to uncover our soul and be vulnerable with our clothes on. Discover the path to a more fulfilling sexual relationship. 

As a couple learns how to cultivate a deep emotional bond and a spiritual connection, they bring those parts of their relationship into every sexual encounter. 

Some of the highlights:

  • The latest research on the female sexual response cycle providing new insight regarding the common female problems of ''low desire''. 
  • A new look of pornography. 
  • How to negotiate a mutually satisfying sex life 
  • 34 questions for couples to foster disussion about sex. 
  • Fast food sex vs banquet sex. 
  • Learning to be fully present during sex 

We are passionate about the content of this seminar because we watch the "the lights go on" as people understand for the first time how to bring healing to their relationships. We consistently hear feedbacks from our students about how this workshop gave new insights and helped open up discussion that was beneficial to a couple's sex life. 

Sexion 1: the Great Exposer (36:16) 

Sexion 2: How the Love Styles affect Sexual Intimacy: The Avoider and the Please (23:02)

Sexion 3: How the Love Styles affect Sexual Intimacy: The Vacillator, Controller and Victim (41:46)

Sexion 4: Over coming Cultural Influences: Expectations (40:11)

Sexion 5: Male and Female Responses and Desire Differences (28:33)

Sexion 6: Moving Towards Better Sex (36:37)

Sexion 7: Common Challenges (34:55)

Sexion 8: Holding Demonstrations: The Spiritual Significance of Sex (Questions and Answers) (22:47) 

To receive free counseling, you must attend class together AND follow all of the instructions at the top of our home page under " free marriage counseling". Then, you qualify for free counseling for 30 days, unitl the next monthly class, and so on. For more information or to RSVP for info, please Starr at 210-381-3682 or email: starr@marriage101.net 

Personal Letter From Bob & Starr:

  For the past 37 years, we have been providing our classes and counseling free of charge. Starting Ocotber 25,2017 we will be changing things; we are going to start holding our classes once a month, from 9:15am-4:30pm on Saturdays. No longer on Tuesday nights. We are also asking each couple who joins us for a 25.00 donation each month (per couple) to Marriage 101 Ministries. We will have lunch for you and provide handouts of the classes that day. 

   Marriage seminars around the country can cost you 300.00-2500.00 for a weekend as a donation to attend, but we wanted to make this extremely affordable to you. We do ask that if you are going to attend a Saturday class, that you send an e-mail out to us so we can send you the outline of that group of classes for you to print out, as we will not have the notes for you the day of the classes. You will have to bring them. 

  The one thing that has NOT changed is that if you wish to receive counseling, you must attend our Saturday classes. You must continue being educated on the state of your marriage right now if you want to change things for the better. The classes will help because they work hand in hand with the counseling. 

  Every person on Earth has a mission mandated from God, our Creator. Ours is helping married couples become one-flesh and stay that way. The making of two into one isn't easy and we know that most people need help to be successful. You don't get just get married and have hearts, flowers and butterflies every day for the remainder of your life!

  Our own marriage isn't perfect either. We still fuss with each other but the recovery time grows shorter every year. Bob and I need these classes just like you do. As we teach, we learn and apply the principles too. We have been learning how to be married for almost 40 years now and we aren't through yet! 

  We all STILL learn new things about each other every year. Tastes, ideas, feelings, opinions, beliefs, standards, desires, rules and interests change every year, so we must learn and adjust. Many of our couples have said over the years that until the classes, they had never known their spouse thought or felt as they did! 

  Conflicts can arise when we are so consumed with our careers and other outside influences and issues that we do not take the time to be together and communicate these changes. The lack of communication builds up and we are no longer in sync. Since we started writing and teaching 37 years ago, people have expressed their surprise when they learn that you don't just go through premarital classes and that's it. 

  Marriage really does take work-every day you must work at it to make it better. Marriage classes are not to be taken once or only when your marriage is in trouble; it's an ongoing process, so if you want an excellent marriage, take classes! It's much better to do regular maintenance on your relationship than have to try and repair a broken one. 

  You are not the same person mentally, physically or spiritually than you were last year, are you? Well your marriage isn't either- it grows and changes into a new and different kind of marriage every month- every year! Doesn't it make sense that you need to re adjust your communication methods on a regular basis? That's why everyone, regardless of the state of their relationship, should be attending marriage classes, every year as often as possible, if they want to get and stay closer to each other. 

  We are developing new curriculum every year- to keep it fresh and offer a different series each time based on a poll we take of counseling topics so that we keep current. 

You need all of them. 

High quality marriage counseling at no charge is almost impossible to find, but Bob and I are on this planet because we have a calling from God to provide this to couples in need. Even if you think your marriage is doing fine, don't you argue, you can add a little zing to it by learning some more communication techniques and pick up a few tips? 

Resolve today to continue your marriage education- it's free and it's necessary. There is nothing more than this for you to have a successful and happy life. We hope you join us!

God bless your one- flesh!

Bob & Starr