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Marriage Classes

Marriage Classes

Saturday Marriage Enrichment Seminar

  • Starting once a month, we will hold a marriage seminar from 9:15am-4:30pm. You can view our schedule on our website calendar. You are welcome to stay and listen and participate all day or any part of the day you care to. Rather than hold class for 9 weeks at a time and then taking a 2-3 month break in between series, we have decided to make it easier on the couples who truly want to enrich their marriage by holding the seminar once a month. 
  • Both spouses must attend the classes. No exceptions allowed. 
  • An outline will be sent to the couples who have signed up for the classes. You can print 2 copies to bring to the class. No copies will be provided the day of the class. If you don't bring your copies, you will have to take notes. 
  • For a love offering of $25.00 per couple to Marriage 101 Ministries, they are invited to attend that months seminars. This offering can be made by check or cash at the information night to secure their spot at the seminar. Their will be no refunds of any kind or for any reason. If you cannot attend after you have made your love offering for the month, your offering cannot roll over to the following month due to administrative complications and costs. Every month stands alone. By the same token, you are not required to attend every month unless you want ongoing free counseling. All funds go to the ministry to provide the food and administrative fees that go into the all-day seminar. 
  • Couples must provide their own child care. 
  • If you have been living together for at least 1 year, the State of Texas recognizes you as a common law and you may attend. 
  • If you want to give advance notice attend, you can send an email to starr@marriage101.net or call our office at 210-521-8668. 
  • Once a month, we will hold an information orientation at which you can sign up and give your love offering to Marriage 101. See the calendar for the dates and topics which will be covered. 
  • If you are interested in attending our information/sign-up orientation, please RSVP by replying to this email office@marriage101.net 


FIRST CLASS: TBA- 9:15am-4pm (plan to be at 6619 Laurelhill Drive at 9:30am to get your refreshments and get seated) 

Regardless of length of time you have been married, you can always learn something new, some new communication techniques etc. to make sure reltaionship better! Join us

E-mail office@marriage101.net