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Marriage Classes

Marriage Classes

Free Marriage Courses

  • The free classes we offer are held on Tuesday or Wednesday evenings
  • All marriage classes and counseling are free.
  • Couples must provide their own child care. For attendance confirmations, send us an email at starrcalo-oy@satx.rr.com or starr@marriage101.net or call our office at 210-521-8668.
  • Class Guidelines
  • If you want to attend, please keep in mind these classes have been written to teach only heterosexual, married couples. If you have been living together for at least 1 year, we will consider you common law and you may attend.
  • The classes are free and anyone who attends the classes may make an appointment for free marriage counseling.
  • If you care enough to come to class and work on your marriage together, we will support you 100%! The classes and counseling are not for one spouse- both spouses must attend.
  • If you want to attend, you can text Starr at 210-381-3682 or send us an email to starrcalo-oy@satx.rr.com or starr@marriage101.net or call our office at 210-521-8668.
  • There are 8-10 weeks between each set of classes.
  • The courses vary in length. Some courses are 9 weeks, others are 10-13 weeks. Refer to the “Marriage Courses” section of this website to see the length of each course.
  • If you are interested in attending our kick-off/information night, please RSVP by replying to this email starr@marriage101.net
  • Regardless of the length of time you have been married, you can always learn something new, some new communication technique etc. to make your relationship better! So join us for this enrichment series!

We inspire couples to continue their marital education through our video and audio podcasts.
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All classes are held in San Antonio, Texas.